COVID-19 Drive medical professionals to work

08 Apr 2020
COVID-19 Drive medical professionals to work

Don’t be indifferent – help our doctors and nurses who are fighting the COVID-19 virus get to work.

My name is Yurii. As many of you know, I am the organizer of UkrCanada, an online communication and advertisement website for our community in the Diaspora as well as ordinary Canadians. Together with my team, I decided to organize the “Bring a Medic to Work” action.

Due to the introduction of quarantine measures in Kyiv, namely the restriction of long-distance travel, there is a great problem with transport, and so the UkrCanada Team wants to offer our help to all doctors, nurses and any medical professionals in the fight against the virus. If any medical professionals know of someone in need but due to the public transportation restrictions cannot get to their patient, we are ready to provide transportation and deliver you to your patient in need of help! UkrCanada has already made around 500 trips throughout Kyiv, which is about $1000.00.

The conditions for the transportation for medical professionals are as follows:

All trips are FREE
You must wear protective rubber gloves, a mask, have a certificate from a doctor or health care worker when presenting yourself to the taxi driver
This only applies to transportation in the city of Kyiv.

You can book a car via phone on  +380731703647  or on our Viber network: “Bring a Medic to Work”.

Also, I appeal to our community in Canada who would like to join in this campaign and help us and Ukrainians overcome this virus by making your charitable donation through our website. Even $1 will allow these trips for our medical professionals to increase or to help pay for increased materials that will help against this dreaded COVID-19 virus.

Any other funds raised will be used to help our drivers buy medical equipment to help against COVID-19, namely: gloves, masks, antiseptic. Twice a week, you can see a report on the work done on our site. In the same time, our taxi drivers will upload photos of who they transported or what was bought with the funds raised. We are also planning on buying approximately 1000 face shield masks and hand them over to various medical institutions in Ukraine which will help in the fight against COVID-19

We will work though this together.

Yours sincerely, Yurii and the entire UkrCanada Team. Be healthy and take care of yourself and your families!


2020.05.03 / Дмитрий

Низкий Вам поклон, и огромная, немеющая границ благодарность, за уникальные руки, которые справляются даже с самой сложной болезнью. Спасибо за доброе сердце, искренность и ответственность с которыми вы подходите к каждому пациенту. Сердечно благодарим за вашу отзывчивость, оказанную нам помощь и человечный подход.

2020.04.29 / Тетяна Юхимівна

Ще раз Велике Спасибі !!!

Ваша професія дана Вам Богом. Дуже сильно Вас любимо.

2020.04.29 / Олег Бобяк

Хочу сказать только три слова "СПАСИБО ЗА ЖИЗНЬ" хирургическому отделению №1, всем хирургам, всему медперсоналу

2020.04.27 / Larysa (from Canada)

Дякуємо вам шановні лікарі! В робите героїчну роботу! Слава Україні! Слава Лікарі і медсестри/медбрати!

Stay safe and be kind to each other!

2020.04.26 / Oleg

Шановні Лікарі та Медики Ви — наші герої, дякуємо вам!

2020.04.26 / Ніна

Лікуюсь у кардіологічному відділенні №3 м. Запоріжжя, дуже дякую завідувачці – моєму лікуючому лікарю Матвійчук А.В., всім медсестрам та молодшим медичним сестрам, буфетниці за лікування та обслуговування»
Наконечна Н.М