February 2019 Report on collected funds

18 Feb 2019
February 2019 Report on collected funds

Dear friends and the Ukrainian-Canadian community!

The UkrCanada team sincerely thanks you for your trust, support, charitable contributions and for your kind hearts. It's just great!

We are very impressed with your support, the amount of funds involved, the warmth and enthusiasm in which you helped us.

We want to convey to you our greatest and most earnest thanks from the soldiers who protect Ukraine from the Russian aggressor.

We are providing you with a report of $1025 funds collected. These proceeds bought:
- 10 pairs Tactical Winter Gloves 
-19 pairs Balaclavas 
-20 pairs Termo Socks 
- 3 Winter fighting suits

10% of the funds collected was spent on organizing the delivery of these items.

UkrCanada will continue to raise funds and donate material assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine until all our soldiers return home. And thanks to your dear friends and donors who make it possible for us to win this war.

Finally, I would like to personally thank all those who helped financially. Thank you for your trust!

These people:

Orest Omeliach - USA 
Olya  - Canada
Patrick Rogers
Tomara  - Canada

With sincere gratitude,

UkrCanade team