Our mission

To help people find the best in local business!


What is UkrCanada?

UkrCanada is an Announcement, Business Directory, Advertisement and Community Events site.

Founded in 2017, UkrCanada is currently available in 2 countries and has over 80,000 unique users per month.

Every day we strive to:

  • help people find the right services when they need them
  • help local businesses communicate with new customers

Users who visit UkrCanada to find great local businesses or submit advertisements under various categories such as Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels, Children’s Entertainment and much more.

Business owners can create an account, upload their business profile and contact their customers through our portal.

If you own a company or you’re a manager, all you need is 5 minutes to set up your company profile in our Business directory and/or in our Advertisement section.

Many of our competitors make businesses pay to appear at the top of our listings pages. We do not do this. We believe that companies should be at the top because they deserve it – those that provide outstanding services and not those that have the most financial resources.

UkrCanada uses automated software to analyse local businesses.

We review each company that posts on UkrCanada within 3-5 hours to ensure quality and authenticity.

Our technology helps us to classify the most reliable and helpful reviews.

All reviews submitted by users are reviewed by our specialists before posting. We do our best to filter out reviews that are fake, biased, span, unnecessary or of low quality (and trust us, we get a lot of them!).

We listen to your feedback. We are constantly working to improve our services, and gain momentum very quickly, adding features that can help you and improve your overall experience.

Your confidentiality is our primary concern. If you want to delete your listing, contact us and we will immediately review your request.


Our values

UkrCanada places diversity and talent above all else.


Our team

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced people who help us achieve our goals in providing you with a first-class service. We also help others – specifically Ukrainian soldiers and children who have suffered during the war with Russian in eastern Ukraine.

The team consists of skilled professionals with a wealth of experience in web and mobile programming, large data analysis, data processing, web operations, online marketing and customer support.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail:  info.ukrcanada@gmail.com

We are always glad to hear from you!

Sincerely, UkrCanada