November 2018 Trip to Ukraine

21 Nov 2018
November 2018 Trip to Ukraine

Dear friends and our community in Canada!

Our charitable mission has come to an end.

The UkrCanada Team sincerely THANKS you for your trust, support, charitable contributions and for your kind hearts. This is just wonderful!

We are very impressed with your support, the amount of funds raised, and the warmth and enthusiasm in which you helped with this charitable drive. 

We want to convey to you our greatest and heartfelt thanks from the soldiers of the 25th Brigade, the 11th Mechanized Brigade “Kyivska Rus”, who are protecting Ukraine and Internat School No. 4 for your support and much-needed material assistance, for the most important materials needed for the front. BCU Financial and the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Saturday School generously donated funds and materials for the students at Internat School No. 4 in Zaporizhzhia and we at UkrCanada would like to express our deepest thanks for their generousity and thoughfulness. 

And so today, as promised, we are presenting a report on the funds collected, items purchased and the transfer of these materials directly to the 25th Brigade and the 11th Mechanized Brigade who defend Ukraine, who are not on the frontlines in the Luhansk oblast near the village of “Schastya” and the Donetsk village of Avdievka.

And so, from the period of 10 September to 6 November 2018, people donated $9550 CAD via our website (a list of donors can be viewed online on our website).

Just imagine, there was about 60 kilograms of medicine and medical supplies collected for the Ukrainian soldiers and 30 kilograms of warm clothing for civilians living in the ATO zone and for the military along with stationary for children at Inernat School No. 4.

All of these funds purchased the following for the soldiers on the front:

  • Pulsar Thermographic Camera – 2 pcs for $6000
  • Gas generator – 2 pcs for $1150
  • Medicine - $1000
  • Military Tablets from Armia SOS – 2 pcs.
  • Military things: 20 pairs of socks, 8 pairs of shoes, 10 pairs of pants, 5 jackets, etc - $1000
  • Food - $400

10% of the money collected was spent on organizing the trip and transport costs for direct deliver into the hands of the Ukrainian soldiers, with pictures attached to this report.

All these things were taken and signed over to the military units, which are located in different positions of hostile positions in eastern Ukraine.

Despite constant heavy shelling, the work of enemy snipers and provocation by the terrorist forces of the Russian Federation, even while we were there delivering aid, we managed to carry out our mission without any losses or injuries. I sincerely want to thank my brothers at arms for their professional protection and support of our team in the dangerous zone of advanced positions.

We are returning to Canada with sincerely and heartfelt gratitude from the Ukrainian soldiers, the leadership of the 25th Brigade, the 11th Mechanized Brigade and requests to continue our mission of aiding and supporting Ukraine in their fight against Russian aggression.

UkrCanada will continue to raise funds and donate material assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, until a time when all of our soldiers go home. And because of your, my dear friends and donors, we will be able to win this war.

Please keep up with our announcements and messages.

With a sincere and heartfelt gratitude,

The UkrCanada Team.

Lastly, I wanted to personally thank all those who helped, organized and supported me and our team along the way with advise and support, both financially and morally. Thank you for your trust!

These include:

BCU Financial - Canada

Holy Spirit Ukrainian Saturday School - Hamilton, Canada

The Zariczniak family (Mom, Dad, Larysa, Yuriy and Bohdan) – Canada

Delta Express Company (Ruslan Zaretsky and family) – Zaporizhzhia

Close friend Dmitri Kerimov – Kyiv

Slava Ukrainy and Slava Canada!

Thank you!