As a Thank You to Our Donators

If you value our work and support our initiative to promote the best of Ukrainian-Canadian advertisement and business directories, please support us and think about donating – even $1 will be useful to our project!

The money collected from our advertisements and your donations will be used to help rehabilitate and assist wounded soldiers in Ukraine and children, who unfortunately, have suffered greatly during the Russo-Ukrainian war, which has been ongoing for 4 years.

A full report on the use of these funds will be published in our “Donate” section. The remaining money will allow us to promote our website further and create and publish regular informational announcements and regulate the business directories for both Canadians and newly-arrived Ukrainians along with promoting various community events in Canada.

But as the pressure on our resources continues to grow, we need more funds to help the increasing number of men, women and children around the world who find themselves caught in the crossfire of conflict.


93% of your donation will go to fund our operations for people in need.

We are always glad to hear from our new donors, partners and sponsors and we believe that together we can unite Ukrainians in Canada. If you would like to participate in this initiative, please contact us: