Helicopter crash in North Okanagan sends four to hospital

13 Aug 2023 | Canada | 148 |
Helicopter crash in North Okanagan sends four to hospital

Global News has confirmed that a helicopter crash near Enderby, B.C., has sent four people to hospital.

Just after 8:00 Saturday evening, BC Emergency Health Services says they received a call that a helicopter made a crash-landing into the Shuswap River close to the Mabel Lake Resort.

“Seven ambulances responded, paramedics cared for four people on scene and then taken to hospital,” said Tona Aboaba, BC Emergency Health Services.

“All are in stable condition.”

One woman who lives near the crash scene described what she heard moments before the aircraft went down.

“I had been sitting on the porch and I heard the helicopter quite low, so I kind of looked over, and it just started spinning and it was quite low to the river — I thought the blades were going to come off,” explained resident Judy Fleming.

“I grabbed my son-in-law, and he ran directly to the site — he was the first on scene.”

Fleming says her son-in-law helped two people escape the helicopter, while two others managed to get out on their own. Others passing by also stepped in to assist.

“He was alone down there for probably about 10 minutes and then people started pulling over to help.”

Fleming adds that what happened so close to her home feels like something out of a dream.

“It was mind-blowing; it was shocking. It was like a dream,” said Fleming.

“You don’t expect to see a helicopter in front of your face just spinning.”

Global News has reached out to the Transportation Safety Board, as well as the RCMP but did not receive a response in time for publication.

by Global News