Ukraine needs your help! Updated...

02 Бер 2022
Ukraine needs your help! Updated...

25.Feb.2022 Sent $1000 to Commander (names will not be published due to security concerns) for food/medication in Mykolaiv

26.Feb.2022 $3000 (report below)

Hello everyone💪💪
Today, after 4 days of raising money, I will present a small report so that you can see that your money is in safe hands and the first batch of things have been sent to our native Ukraine. But believe me, this is very, very small amount.
Therefore, I appeal to you with a great request to repost this announcement as much as possible, or make a small donation for our Ukraine, so that people can join our action. Your help is very important to us now.
These are our friends, our parents, our family, our brothers.
This is my soul crying. We have nowhere to retreat, but Ukraine is behind us, our Black and Azov Seas are behind us.
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes.
Тримайтесь хлопці, я скоро буду. Слава Україні, Героям Слава. 

28.Feb.2022 Sent $1000 to members of the Territorial Army in Zaporizhzhia (pictures below but names will not be published due to security concerns)

03.Mar.2022 Natan Khazin received $1000 for drones and communication equipment (photos will be coming)

04.Mar.2022 We sent $500 to Anastasiya Sokolyk, who lives in Ukraine. With her help, we bought many things for our soldiers. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to its heroes! Russian warship, go fuck yourself

05.Mar.2022 (report below)

08.Mar.2022 We have sent $500 to Zaporizhzhia today to support the Territorial Army there in buying food and other urgently needed items. We will get photos soon! 

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to its heroes! Russian warship, go fuck yourself

09.Mar.2022  We Sent 5000$

Hello friends. 👋

Heres another report! Last week we donated $5000 to our friends in Chicago. They were able to then buy 3 grade 4+ bullet proof vests along with 3 Mavic 3 drones. All of this was then sent to Ukraine via Lviv and then onward to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. If you wish to donate to them:

Слава Україні Героям Слава💪💪💪 путін хуйло.

You can also donate to our site as we are exploring ways of getting body armour in Ukraine:

12.Mar.2022 We spent $1400

We bought 50 tourniquets, 60 IFAK equipment and some other special camoflauge items (along with some coffee) that was sent to Ukraine on March 14, 2022

18.Mar.2022 $400

Good afternoon, we are from Ukraine👋👋.

Today мій знайомий та друг, Руслан Сан-Марино sent 50 "butt matts" (I don't know what the word is) and 50 matts to Zaporizhzhia so our defenders can sit and sleep😴 softly.

Thank you again to everyone for your contribution to help Ukraine survive!

We continue to gather funds as the war isn't over and your defenders need your help!

Слава Україні Героям Слава рускій їди на хуй !!!!

21.Mar.2022 $1000

Send money to buy a pick up truck for the Territorial Army in Irpin.

23.Mar.2022 Sent $350

to Boryspil for food for the Territorial Army there.

25.Mar.2022 Sent $320

to the Zaporizhzhia Cossack Litsei for military uniforms.

26.Mar.2022  $5700

Made 19 bullet proof vests for the Territorial Army in Lviv and Zhytomyr for a total of $5700


We made 120 bulletproof vests for the Ukrainian Armed Forces this week and (4 for the Territorial Army $1200)

04.Apr.2022 5000

5 thermal image Monoculars were bought

08.Apr.2022. 1500$

For $1000 we bought: 10 sleeping bags, 50 Tshirts, numerous underwear/socks, 20 IIFS, a lot of food

10.Apr.2022 2000$ 

We spent $1000 on some great priced thermal vision binoculors, 1 drone, 4 radios

14.Apr.2022 - 20.Apr.2022 

We made 65 bulletproof vests and sent them to the front during these days

25.Apr.2022 1500$

Today a small consignment of important medical items arrived in Zaporizhia. All this can be used by hospitals for doctors who treat badly injured people.

19.May.2022 3000$

Hello everyone.🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦👋👋👋

Everyone welcome on Embroidery Day!

The UkrCanada Team works seven days a week and until our Victory because Ukraine is still at work with Russia, and we all know that Ukraine holds the skies over the whole of Europe.

Thanks to our UkrCanada fund, I want to present a small report to you passed to us from our military defending out country.

74 bulletproof vests ere made and handed over to the Armed Forces and Territorial Army in Zaporizhia

20 sleeping bags

20 knee pads


20 tactical belts

10 tactical sunglasses

Nearly 300 kg of food for both the military and the displaced persons

There is some more good news. We were able to collect about 600 kg of medicine and are preparing to sent it to Ukraine next week. But we’ll create a separate report on that next week.

Friends – if you want to help you can do it through our site


💵E transfer:

Glory to Ukraine and Glory to its Heroes!!!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦💪💪💪

5.Jul.2022 5000$

Friends, I want to thank you all!

Today, the UkrCanada Team sent 500 kg of medical aid to Zaporizhia and Mykolaiv in Ukraine – this was very important medical aid for our military and also for the hospitals to treat our wounded.

It’s all thanks to your donations!

I want to personally thank Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Church, UNF Hamilton Kostyk Sheweli

And we will give you a report once this medical aid is delivered in a couple of weeks. But right now, I want to remind you that we also produce food for everyone who needs it, about 300-400 portions a day. I’ll post about all of this again in a few days.

Thank you once again for your donations and thanks to you Ukraine will definitely win!

If you want to make a contribution, you can do so through our:

Glory to Ukraine and Glory to is Heroes!💪💪💪🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦


Hello friends!

The UkrCanada team continues to help in the production and delivery of food for our military.

Today we provided 250 portions of food for our people in the Zaporizhzhia region.

If you want to help our Defenders with food, you can do it through our website