Statement on Canadian Wheat Board from the Feds of Labour

08 Aug 2018 | Canada
Statement on Canadian Wheat Board from the Feds of Labour

In 2015, Canadian farmers took a massive hit from the Harper government.

The Canadian Wheat Board was an incredibly strong organization and was run entirely by Canadian farmers. Big Agra companies hated it because they couldn't control it and had to pay a fair price for our farmers' products.

Harper got a majority government and promptly dismantled it -many say illegally: and Cargill, a massive U.S. corporation that rakes in 100's of billions a year, got the prize to run it.

Then Harper put the Wheat Board up for sale. Canadian farmers begged to buy it (back) for $350 million. Harper refused and privatized the controlling shares (50.1%) to a massive Saudi-owned grain company "in exchange for an investment of $250 million."

As if that weren't traitorous enough, after 7 years that Saudi company can buy out the rest of the shares. Harper, with Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer at his side, sold Canadian farmers out and has put our food security and economy at risk. Is it just a coincidence that the Saudi's then signed a dark deal with Harper to buy armoured vehicles?