Peg City Car Co-op adds vehicles, launches new service

18 May 2023 | Canada | 34 |
Peg City Car Co-op adds vehicles, launches new service

A popular Winnipeg car-sharing service is adding cars and a new service to its arsenal.

Peg City Car Co-op has announced the addition of FLO, which is being dubbed a new free-floating carsharing service.

The expansion also adds 35 cars to Peg City’s fleet.

FLO allows users to pick up and drop off a car at different locations within a designated zone. Vehicles had been required to begin and end their trips at a fixed or designated station.

“That’ll allow someone to take an on-street FLO vehicle from one neighbourhood and if they wish, they can take it to another neighbourhood and they can just leave it there, on-street, as long as it’s a legal parking spot,” Peg City Car Co-op CEO Philip Mikulec said.

“Our vehicles will not have to abide by one-hour and two-hour time limit parking because of the permits we have with the vehicles that the WPA agreed to.”

Vehicles for the new service are a mix of Toyota Corolla hatchbacks and Corolla hybrids.

Mikulec says free-floating carsharing is the leading form of carsharing in Vancouver and Toronto. It is ideal for spontaneous or last-minute errands as the cars can only be booked up to 30 minutes before use.

FLO vehicles can be picked up in River Heights, Crescentwood, Corydon, Riverview, Lord Roberts, Norwood, St. Boniface, River-Osborne, West Broadway, Wolseley, St. Matthews and the West End.

The service will launch June 7.

Peg City Car Co-op has been around since June 2011 and has grown to a fleet of 130-plus vehicles.





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