Leave pets at home during Canada Day fireworks, humane society urges

01 Jul 2018 | Canada
Leave pets at home during Canada Day fireworks, humane society urges

The P.E.I. Humane Society is urging pet owners across the province to leave their furry friends at home during the Canada Day fireworks.

Excessive noise and bright flares racing through the sky may be a dazzling to people, but to pets it's a terrifying display.

"Animals can be very fearful of the noise and the lights so it's always best to leave pets at home if you're going to the fireworks … and make sure you leave them in a safe place in the home," said Marla Somersall, the director of the society.

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Leave pets at home for Canada Day fireworks, urges man who lost dog
"Be aware of heat, and make sure that your animals are in safe in a cool space. Don't leave them in cars."

Two years ago during the fireworks display in Victoria Park in Charlottetown, a man's dog got spooked and ran away from him. The dog was then fatally hit by a car on Fitzroy Street.

'Hopefully we don't see dogs escaping'
Somersall reminded Islanders to give pets plenty of water and keep them in noiseless rooms with windows and blinds shut.

If possible, she added, take your dog for a walk or run earlier in the day to tire them out when the evening comes. 

Every year around this time they get a few more calls about lost pets, so they're hoping this Canada Day people keep their pets safe at home.

"If people are responsible, then hopefully we don't see dogs escaping their property and being at large at this time of year," she said.

Vicki Smith, the administrator for the PEI Lost Pet Network Facebook page, said there is usually an increase in reports of missing or found pets when fireworks are held.

"If your pet becomes frightened and takes off, don't chase and call," she said.

"Frightened pets are in panic mode and are at greater risk of running into traffic or other hazards. Follow at a distance, if possible, until your pet finds a hiding spot or stops running. Report your pet missing as soon as possible to the PEI Humane Society, to volunteer lost/found pet sites such as the PEI Lost Pet Network and register your missing pet on the Helping Lost Pets website."cbc