Niagara Falls Tour

Niagara Falls Tour
Experience the sights and sounds of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls Tour offers Niagara Falls Tour that are tailored as needed.

5300 Willmott Street, Niagara Falls, Canada

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Get The Best Day Out With The Niagara Falls Tour


Visit The Union of Three Waterfalls


Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls which divide the US and Canada borders. Tourists can either visit this place either from the US or the Canadian side.Niagara Falls is the combination of three major waterfalls – the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.


Visit The Best Side of The Niagara Falls


The Canadian side is the best side because of the entertainment it has got when compared to the US side.  There is a lot of variety in entertainment;added to that on the Canadian side,the world’s best wineries for tourists who are wine lovers.This summer, plan a visit for the best Niagara Falls tour with family and friends.


Is Summer The Best Time To Visit?


Yes, summer is the best time to visit Niagara Falls with friends and family as it is the peak season where many tourists from all around the world love to visit this place.You can relish the cool breezes and mists from the gigantic waterfalls, and that is how the whole area remains cool throughout summer.


Although it is expensive to visit in summer, it is worth visiting this beautiful place at least once in your lifetime.You can take maximum benefit from the weather and entertainment available there while visiting in the summer season.


Plan your Niagara Falls Tour from mid-April to October.


Do You Want To Know How Niagara Falls Looks At Night?


You can plan a visit to the Falls one evening with the Niagara Falls evening tour which will show you the bright sky in the Niagara region at night with lots of colours.  The whole area gets illuminated with LED lights, and it would be a treat to watch the Niagara Falls lit in lights completely. The evening is the best time to see this way. The Niagara waters look multi-coloured with all the LED lamps lit.


Does The Water Flow Reduce In The Night?


Yes, every night during the tourist season, the waterfall flow reduces to less than 60,000 cubic feet per second allowing the hydropower authorities to use more or needed water for electricity generation.


What Places To Visit In And Around The Niagara Falls?


  • You can take selfies and pictures with family or friends at the Floral Clock.
  • View the Niagara region from the Skylon Tower’stop munching your lunch in the restaurant in it.
  • Take a walk through the Journey Behind the Falls.
  • Take a cruise through the Hornblower ride where you can see the Niagara River from very close quarters.
  • Thrill lovers can take the Whirlpool jet boat ride for an adventure.
  • Visit the Butterfly Conservatory.
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens to see various varieties of plants, vegetables, roses and herbs.
  • Want to have some gambling fun, go to the Fallsview Casino Resort.
  • Finally to wine lovers, do not miss to visit the world famous wineries to have a taste of the variety of wines it offers at the Niagara region, Canada.


There are many more places to visit in the Niagara region. Customize your visit to the places you like with the Best tour operator for your Niagara Falls tour.


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