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Hundal Law Firm
At Hundal Law Firm it is our duty to represent individuals charged with a criminal offense. We defend and fight for our clien

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Bally Hundal has been practicing as a criminal defence attorney for over 16 years. His law firm specializes in defending people accused of various crimes under the Criminal Code of Canada as well as the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act. Upon arrest, everybody has rights under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms. We help to vigorously defend our clients by thoroughly preparing and researching all aspects of the charges.

With our years of experience and successful track record defending many criminal related cases, you can count on our representation and commitment for the best possible results. It is our duty and responsibility to listen and defend our clients. We will communicate with you directly, meet with you and guide you throughout the entire process. Are you in trouble legally? If you have been charged with a criminal offense, contact us today and get the top defenders in Toronto by your side.