Growth Turbine

Growth Turbine
Crowdfunding and Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

555 Legget Drive, Tower A-304, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 2X3, Canada, Ontario, Canada

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Growth Turbine is a leading crowdfunding agency in Canada that provides data-driven marketing and campaign management services for entrepreneurs interested in raising capital for their projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other similar platforms. 

The company, which consists of 6 team members, provides comprehensive crowdfunding campaign management solutions including marketing and PR management, ads management, copywriting, lead generation and beyond. This digital marketing agency in Ottawa, Canada has supported over 100 crowdfunding campaigns through its data-driven marketing approach and has succeeded in raising over $18 Million for startups and inventors across the world. 

Growth Turbine’s expertise lies in: 

✓Crowdfunding consultation and data-driven go-to-marketing strategies

✓Lead generation and social media buzz for creating product hype before you go live

✓Social media ads management

✓Influencer outreach (Instagram and Youtube)

✓Landing page creation including all necessary artwork and infographics

✓Campaign page creation including all necessary artwork and infographics

✓Pre-launch campaign marketing

✓E-mail nurturing for pre-Launch campaign

✓Referral program setup and management for word-of-mouth marketing

✓Professional, hand-written Press release creation

✓Guaranteed publication of PR in over 100 USA/Europe based news agencies/media publications

✓Media partner with Forbes, YankoDesign, The Gadget Flow, Interesting Engineering and more

✓Targeted ads to our 2.2 million database of backers and super-backers

✓Live campaign management and targeting

In a recent interview, Varun Sharma, Co-Founder of Growth Turbine said: 

“At Growth Turbine, we take pride in our competitive revenue share model so we can work with Startups and Entrepreneurs and scale with them. This creates a win-win solution as our clients do not have to pay insanely high upfront fees which some of our competitors charge.” 

Growth Turbine’s team, which consists of Marketers, Growth Hackers, PR experts and Copywriters starts their work 2-3 months before the launch of the crowdfunding campaign. The company uses an advanced AI-based approach to pre-launch marketing to predict how much money the campaign will raise on day one. Furthermore, the company also has contacts with top media houses and tier-1 influencers who make any product go-viral in a short span of time. 

Unlike many other marketing agencies who do a generic press release, this agency does industry research and finds niche platforms suitable for the product to generate relevant exposure which brings in high-converting customers. The company is also a renowned Social media marketing agency in Canada and uses its expertise to promote the campaigns through multiple channels, social media ads, blog posts and more to make every crowdfunding campaign a huge success.