Elmvale Jungle Zoo

Elmvale Jungle Zoo
Discover an exciting and educational outdoor adventure at the Elmvale Jungle Zoo

Box 3003, Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0, Elmvale, Canada


The original site was on 2 acres, exhibiting a few animals with mostly reptiles. In 1972 the zoo was purchased by the Persi family who has expanded the zoo to over 30 acres. With winding shaded trails you can enjoy an up close and personal experience from animals around the world.

25 additional acres has been untouched for the natural habitat reserved for animals native to this area.

Our animals have been born in zoos and many born here at Elmvale Jungle Zoo with a very successful living rate with species that are threatened and or endangered.

Zoos play an important role in protection and conservations of wildlife.