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For fastest service call or text Complete Mechanical at 780-340-3758. I have WCB and Insured.

Do you have a water leak? I’m insured, carry most parts to repair most any water leak, I’m insured, fast and can get the job done right.

Is your Faucet leaking, old or want to upgrade, Why pay someone to fix it when you can get a good deal on a new one, I get pretty good deals on Faucets and can come to your home and install and new Faucet for $90 plus the cost of the faucet.

Is your toilet old just costing you money by double flushing or has a very large water tank? You can buy a new toilet for just over $100 so why put $30-$60 worth of parts into a old toilet just to have a service person come back in a year or so to replace another part and you still have a old toilet. It’s really a no brainer if you’re having any trouble with a old toilet. So my toilet special is, I deliver a new toilet to your home from home depot or your choice, assemble the new toilet, remove the old toilet, install the new toilet with a new water line and take the old toilet to the eco center for recycling. I am insured and have installed many of these toilets from home depot and no complaints at all; my price for this is $380. I leave no mess behind, all you need to do is enjoy your new toilet.

I do good work for a good price. All work is guaranteed! Check out my website, and. I accept all major Credit Cards.