Digital Scale for Shipping or Retail - Brand New & Free Delivery

  • 19.03.19,
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Price is $199+tax

FREE Delivery with orders over $300
or if on route with our other deliveries.

Max Weight of: 150Kg. or 330 LBS

Electronic Digital scale reading

Brand new in box

One year warranty!

Very Strong stem to protect read out digital electronic display.

Waterproof buttons on display

Max Capacity is 150 KG. Minimum reading is 50 grams

This scale has calculator functions to count large quantities of goods at once, as well as functions to calculate the total price of all the goods within a box! (you just need to know the weight/price of a single item)

Folds for easy storage with adjustable feet.
Pre-calibrated for you before we sell to you.
Includes pricing, tare, and zero functions

15.75" x 19.75" base plate made of heavy duty steel!

Folds for easy storage with adjustable feet. Can run on batteries OR plugged in!

adjustable brightness levels to conserve battery life!

For more details, or to place an order
Call Charley (587) 401-3822

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