one big friendly nixed breed rabbit

  • 15.02.19,
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1.5 year old Male super friendly rabbit. Not nueterd, DOES NOT SPRAY
He's an indoor rabbit with free run of the kitchen / living room. Litter trained. On warmer days he comes and goes outside like a cat or dog. He's the perfect pet. Loves kids and other animals. Will run around and play with you. Also loves to lick you. Even your eye lids. He's funny. Loves to cuddle up on the couch or in bed with you. Sometimes sleeps with a human all night. He's very clean. Very rare does he have an accident. Usually its because he's eaten to much fruit or veggies, or something? Then his poop is soft and stinky. We use wood stove pellets for his litter. Works the best and it's cheap. We buy big bags of food from G&E for about $20.00 very cheap to care for him, Asking $75.00 OBO Comes with everything. He also likes to play with the cat or dog. He has No FEAR. So please keep that in mind when it comes to bringing him into your family. PET ONLY, NOT FOOD
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