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    • 04.01.19,
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    I’ve still got some space available in the coming months. If you’re considering doing some recording, let’s chat. This place really is a great hang. The idea was to take my Hollywood $ (I was born, raised, and worked in LA), and build a wicked studio then make it affordable for independent artists to work in. I ain’t greedy. There’s no “hourly rate sheet” type thing here. We just meet up, chat through what you wanna do, we decide if we’re a good fit, and we make up a number that works for us to get it done. I love meeting people with song ideas and then taking them all the way through the process to completion. It’s an amazing journey. There are great musicians on call that I work with often if we need other folks to jump on the process. This place has lots of space (5 booths, the piano room, kitchen, and a large control room), deadly gear, a very laid back vibe, a beautiful sound, and I’ve done it many many many times. (I promise your record won’t suck!)

    If you’re interested, shoot me a note and let’s have a coffee and a chat. We’ll figure out how to make some tunes. Worst case, I’ll get to make a new friend.

    www.sdrecording.com is the website.
    steve@sdrecording.com is my direct email.

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