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EcoNets is the Original and still the best !!
Why ? Because our nets have a recoil memory that makes them go closed when there's no hay to hold it open. We think of it as a safety thing, instead of a big sloppy net, our nets go back closed as the hay is eaten down so there's less for the horse to have to deal with or get caught in.
*We started making nets back in 09' when my daughters horse got sick.
** Our netting & sizes came about after years of testing, research & responding to customer feedback.
***After all the copy cat businesses - we are still here, serving our customers !!

~ We carry all the popular net sizes: Small nets, Round Bale nets, Lg Square & the very popular EZ Feeder Kit that turns your feeder into an EZ Feeder !! See it in action on a Peavy Mart feeder in the video !!

If your looking for a hay net, ask around, our customers are our best source of referrals and they'll tell you to get an EcoNet !! Our retailers & reps are listed on our website at please ask the closest retailer and if you need something they don't have or carry were here to help ;)) or toll free 1-844-326-6387

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